October 10, 2016 •
Dave Chapman, Vermont Organic Farmer

Rally in the Valley

At the Rally in the Valley, there will be a tractor cavalcade, some speechifying, pizza from the NOFA-VT oven, food from the Skinny Pancake, and music. NOFA-VT will be filming the event to share as testimony at the NOSB meeting in St. Louis and renowned organic farmer Eliot Coleman from Maine will be joining us as well as Congressman Peter Welch and Senator Patrick Leahy! Senator Leahy has been a long-time advocate of soil-based organic farming and this will be our chance to thank him for his many years of hard work maintaining the integrity of the National Organic Program.

September 17, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor

What's Important to You?

NOFA Vermont advocates for policies that strengthen our food system by supporting sustainable farming practices, improving economic opportunities for farmers, and expanding access to local and organic foods for all Vermonters. 

September 17, 2016

2016 Farmer Olympics: Media & Photos

First, don't miss these amazing features by the Boston Globe and the Valley News! → Boston Globe article & photo gallery

September 15, 2016 •
Jack Lazor, Vermont Organic Farmer


Op-ed published in VT Digger by Jack Lazor, co-owner of Butterworks Farm, a certified organic dairy operation in Westfield, VT

August 2, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor

Food & Farming Questions for Candidates

As next Tuesday's Vermont primary election nears, Vermonters should know where our candidates stand on critical food and farming policy issues. Contact your candidates for state and federal office and find out their views on local food systems, water quality, genetic engineering, climate change, and more. 

July 6, 2016 •
Erin Buckwalter

Free Summer Meals at Farmers Markets!

NOFA-VT is partnering with the Winooski and St. Johnsbury Farmers Markets and the local summer meals sites in July to offer free weekend meals at the farmers markets.

July 6, 2016 •
Maria Buteux Reade for NOFA Notes, Summer 2016

Happy Birthday, NOFA Pizza Oven!

If you’ve attended the annual Winter Conference at the UVM campus, then you’ve probably seen Enid Wonnacott happily tending her beloved pizza oven, warmed by her ski cap and whatever heat emanates from the fire within the oven’s blackened dome. Since everyone stops by for a slice of fortification on the way to or from a workshop, Enid can spend the day reconnecting with friends new and old. 

July 6, 2016 •
Maddie Monty, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor

Vermont's landmark GMO food labeling law has “brought the food industry to its knees.”

Last Friday on the Statehouse lawn, people from all over Vermont gathered to celebrate the effective date of Act 120 – our state’s landmark GMO food labeling law that has, as one headline put it, “brought the food industry to its knees.”  The celebration, under a beautiful blue sky, was reminiscent of the May afternoon just over two years ago when, on those same steps, Act 120 was signed into law.

June 28, 2016 •
Rachel Fussell

Carbon Farming in Vermont

Currently Vermont employs mainly annual cropping systems and pasture management techniques throughout the state. They are the primary source of human food and the primary source of concentrated feed for livestock. These techniques include cover cropping and crop rotation and have very low to low rates of sequestration. Organic and agroecological approaches to annual cropping sequester carbon at a higher rate and have low to medium rates of sequestration, and it has been shown that organic production systems generally have higher soil organic carbon than conventional/chemical systems.

June 16, 2016 •
Vera Chang, Shelburne Farms

Proving Success, Northeast Farm to School Institute to Run Second Year

Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT FEED, a collaboration of Shelburne Farms and NOFA-VT) will host its second annual Northeast Farm to School Institute, a year-long learning opportunity for schools to advance their initiatives in food, farm, and nutrition education while serving local products in cafeterias.

June 15, 2016 •
Kim Mercer, Communications Coordinator

Resources for Rural Enterprises

Promoting our working landscape: new resources for “rural enterprise” development are now available