November 5, 2018 •
Maddie Kempner, NOFA-VT Membership Coordinator & Policy Advisor

Member of the Month - November 2018

NOVEMBER'S MEMBER OF THE MONTH: CAROL COLLINS We are excited to share NOFA-VT's Member of the Month for November! In this new monthly feature, we'll choose a member to recognize each month as a way to celebrate all the wonderful people that make up the NOFA-VT community. Thank you for being a part of it! 

October 12, 2018 •
Andrew Knafel, Chair of the NOFA-VT Board of Directors

Letter from NOFA-VT board chairperson

A message from the board of directors regarding the search for NOFA-VT's next executive director.

October 9, 2018 •
Enid Wonnnacott, NOFA-VT Executive Director

Letter from Enid

A message from Enid Wonnacott, NOFA-VT's executive director, regarding her health, and her retirement.

October 8, 2018 •
Maddie Kempner, NOFA-VT Membership Coordinator & Policy Advisor

Farm Bill Expires, Leaving Key Programs Unfunded

As of midnight on October 1, the 2014 Farm Bill has officially expired. With the House on a six-week recess starting that same day, we now can't expect to have a new Farm Bill until at least after the midterm election in November.

July 30, 2018 •
Katie Lavin, Sterling College

4th Annual Farm Olympics

4th Annual Farmer Olympics to be Held at Sterling College on August 8

July 3, 2018 •
Kate Spring, Good Heart Farmstead

Food, Money, and Joy: How Direct Markets Support Eaters and Farmers

According to a study done by the American Independent Business Alliance, “On average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses was recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores.”  Whether it’s dairy, maple, produce or fruit, skipping the supermarket and instead buying food directly from Vermont farmers helps keep more money in the local economy, and in turn helps grow the economic well-being of Vermont. 

July 1, 2018 •
Kyla Bedard, Dairy Certification Specialist, Vermont Organic Farmers

The state of dairy in Vermont

Many of us choose to call Vermont home because we have a love for local food, the working landscape and our strong rural communities yet the future of Vermont’s working landscape is now in jeopardy. What will Vermont look like without small, family dairy farms and what will take their place? How do we protect this way of life? These are tough questions that many in the industry and throughout the state are asking. We have been working with partners to determine what we can do to help dairy farmers in this time of genuine crisis. 

June 14, 2018 •
Maddie Kempner, NOFA-VT Membership Coordinator & Policy Advisor

2018 Member Survey Results

Member Survey Results