$10 in 3SquaresVT = $20 for Food

DOUBLE Your Money with Crop Ca$h


Who Can Participate?

Anybody who receives benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - called 3SquaresVT in Vermont.

How to Get Crop Cash

  1. Visit one of the farmers markets locations in the state that accept EBT/Debit Cards (complete list).
  2. Look for the yellow banner saying “EBT & Debit Cards Accepted Here” at the market’s information table. Go to this information table.
  3. Let the person staffing the table know that you’d like to use your EBT card, and tell them how much of your 3SquareSVT benefits you’d like to spend at the market. Swipe your card in the EBT machine and enter your PIN. The amount requested will be taken from your 3SquaresVT account.
  4. You will be given one dollar ($1) wooden tokens which can be used to buy any SNAP-eligible food at the market. Suggestion: Tokens should be used before the end of the market season.
  5. You will also be given one dollar of Crop Cash for every one dollar in 3SquaresVT benefits you spend (up to $10), which can be used to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. Crop Cash are FREE bonus funds, but they must be used by the expiration date indicated on the coupon.
  6. Come back next week!

*Seniors who receive their benefits directly deposited into their bank accounts can still benefit from this program. To benefit from this program, let the person staffing the EBT machine know how much you would like to spend at the market, and you will be given a matching amount of Crop Cash, up to $10 per market.


You can get Crop Cash anytime! The new cycle for Crop Cash starts May 1, 2019 and goes until April 30, 2020.

​​​Program Basics

  • Crop Cash can only be used to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, fruit/vegetable/herb starts, and fruit/vegetable/herb seeds.
  • No change can be given for Crop Cash (i.e. must be used in full $1 increments).
  • There is a $10 Crop Cash limit, per market day.
  • Crop Cash must be used before the expiration date printed on the incentive (April 30th).
  • Crop Cash must be spent at the participating market where you got it.