Regulation Resources for Farmer-Employers

Here's a helpful resource for those of you with employees. Below find information NOFA-VT put together on postings that ag employers are required to display for employees. Print and post the required documents that apply to you as mandated by federal and state regulatory agencies which have the authority to inspect farms including the Dept of Labor, Dept of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency. Contact NOFA-VT, a lawyer or accountant for more assistance.

Note that this information refers to "agricultural labor", which has a legal definition. Be clear on the nature of the work and if it is strictly agricultural. See here for a definition of “agricultural labor”. Work falling outside “agricultural” is subject to other regulations. 

NOFA-VT Fact Sheet: Regulation Resources for Farmer-Employers

Mandatory Employer Postings

This information does not constitute legal advice.

Vermont requires all farmer-employers to post:

If you spray any material to control pests or diseases, you must include Worker Protection Standard postings:

Note: all sprayers and workers present on farms that spray must undergo training. See here for more information.

If you have $10K or more in payroll:

If you are subject to workers compensation with 10 or more employees, at least 10 of whom work more than 15 hours/week:

If you are an employer with 10 or more full time employees subject to the Family Medical Leave Act & VOSHA:

If you exceed 500 “man-days” of agricultural labor in any calendar quarter (one “man-day” is a day in which an employee performs at least one hour’s worth of “agricultural labor”) or if you have employees that perform non-agricultural work (eg value added production, selling produce from other farms):

If you are an agricultural employer subject to state unemployment due to having more than $20,000 in gross wages in any calendar quarter –or- if at some point in each of 20 different calendar weeks (which may be non consecutive) you have 10 or more people working: