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Vermont FEED We are working towards developing a farm to school program in every Vermont school in collaboration with Shelburne Farms, our Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT FEED) partner. 

Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT FEED)

Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT FEED), a statewide Farm to School project, was founded in 2000 to raise awareness about healthy food, good nutrition, and the role of Vermont farms and farmers in helping to sustain a healthy community. NOFA-VT and Shelburne Farms work collaboratively to manage this farm to school project and to meet the Vermont Farm to School Network goal of 75% of Vermont schools engaging 75% of Vermont students in integrated food system education, purchasing at least 50% of school food from the regional food system, by 2025.

Jr Iron Chef VT VT FEED also organizes Junior Iron Chef VT, a statewide culinary competition that challenges teams of middle and high school students to cook healthy, local dishes. Started in 2007, the event has grown to include 260 students on 61 teams from 43 schools (in 2015)


Selling to K-12 School Meals Programs: A Webinar Series for Vermont Producers

School meals programs represent a big marketing opportunity for Vermont producers and suppliers, purchasing more than $15 million worth of food and supplies last year. These webinars will guide you through the federal regulations that these programs must follow, and point out potential marketing opportunities for Vermont producers.

Questions? Contact Helen Rortvedt at (802) 434-4122.