The Enid Wonnacott Fund


Enid Wonnacott led NOFA-VT with grace, humor, and humility for thirty-one years. Enid changed Vermont for the better, and created an aspirational model for our country’s organic food movement. What we remember Enid most for, however, is how she brought people together. She cared for people and used food as a tool to build community. Enid spun a web of connection, support, and relationship that wove together into a broad, strong movement. Enid left us far too early. The Enid Wonnacott Fund assures that Enid’s values and legacy are carried forward long into NOFA-VT’s future.strong movement. Enid left us far too early. The Enid Wonnacott Fund assures that Enid’s values and legacy are carried forward long into NOFA-VT’s future.

Movement building through joy, good food, and nourishing relationships.

Enid Wonnacott dedicated over 30 years of her life to growing NOFA-VT into the strong, movement building organization it is today. Upon her early retirement, she envisioned the creation of a fund that would both support NOFA-VT through the crucial transition time after her retirement as well as assure that her values and legacy are carried forward. 

Transition & Program Support

During the first year of the Enid Wonnacott Fund, funds were used to support our transition to ensure our organization thriving into the next chapter. Funds were also used to support core programs Enid cherished like the mobile pizza oven, which became the “Feeding Those Who Feed Us” project during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Spirit of Enid Wonnacott Fund

We are stewarding the remainder of the funds as long-term nourishment and reserve in Enid’s memory for the community-building, joyous work that she loved. The Spirit of Enid Wonnacott Fund will support NOFA-VT’s ongoing community building work to foster vibrant agricultural communities, crucial for thriving agriculture. This fund will support some of our signature programs that Enid lovingly created to bring people together joyfully around food, farming and nourishing relationships. We know that stewarding and investing in relationships is core to thriving community, and a balm against broader trends of isolation and disconnection. In keeping with Enid’s visionary leadership, we will also use the fund to capture remarkable opportunities while holding on to the strong underpinnings of NOFA’s work.  Enid Wonnacott with Sen. Patrick Leahy, October 2016

Join us.

We will continue to steward and grow the Enid Wonnacott Fund into the future in honor of Enid’s visionary leadership. We invite you to join us now, to invest in the sustenance of Enid’s vision and values, and to be part of our continuing work toward a healthier, wiser world. This is what Enid hoped for, and we invite you to make it happen.

To make a donation by check, please mail to:  The Enid Fund, c/o NOFA-VT, PO Box 697, Richmond, VT 05477

NOTE: Please make checks payable to "NOFA-VT" and note "Enid Fund" on the memo line.

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