In honor of this year’s theme, Celebrating our Interdependence, we are thrilled to welcome speakers who will will convene a conversation based on the wisdom of organic farmers to illuminate a path of relationship, of bio-regional unity, of interconnected systems. We all have a role to play in building a more democratic, just, and verdant food system, of and for the people. 

Niaz Dory Saturday 9:00 am

Keynote Speaker: Niaz Dorry

Executive Director of the National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC) and the Northwest Marine Alliance (NAMA)

Declaring Our Interdependence: Celebrating Our Power, and Uniting for a Just, Equitable, and Dignified Food System

Niaz has been a community organizer for over 30 years. The life changing moment came in 1994 when as a Greenpeace campaigner she switched from organizing in communities fighting for environmental justice to organizing fishing communities. From the start she recognized the similarities between family farmers’ fight for a more just and ecologically responsible land-based food system and that of community-based fishermen fighting to fix the broken sea-based food system. She has been serving as the coordinating director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance since 2008. One of the first things NAMA did after Niaz took the helm was to join the National Family Farm Coalition as its first non-farming member. The two organizations entered into an innovative shared-leadership model on May 1, 2018, putting Niaz in the new role of serving the work of both organizations and further cementing the relationship and interdependence between land and sea.

Lisa Fernandes & Panel Sunday 11:30 am

Panel Discussion: Lisa Fernandes

Director of Communications for Food Solutions New England & Founder of the Resilience Hub in Portland, ME


Mariah Gladstone, Founder of IndigiKitchen

John and Nancy Hayden, The Farm Between

Hilary Martin, Diggers' Mirth Collective Farm

Abbie Corse, Corse Farm Dairy

Weaving a New Narrative: Agriculture as a Catalyst of Culture Change

Sunday will feature a panel discussion facilitated by Lisa Fernandes. Lisa will lead a discussion pushing back on the narrative of competition and scarcity, weaving a new story about interdependence, bounty, and the possibility of what happens when we come together to imagine a bold, interdependent, mutually beneficial food system with people, land, and justice at the core. Lisa will facilitate conversation between farmers, food activists, chefs, and leaders in the food system to flesh out what a thriving future might look like, if we go together. 

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