38th Annual NOFA-VT Winter Conference


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Join us for the NOFA-VT 38th annual Winter Conference • February 15-17, 2020

Celebrating our Interdependence



At a time when divisiveness and fracture can feel like the status quo, NOFA-VT seeks to convene, to reunite, to connect, and to imagine how we might come together to build a food system for the future. 

Organic farmers understand that health of the land is measured by the relationships in the ecosystem: farmers with soil, soil with fungi, fungi with plants, plants with pollinators, pollinators with eaters, eaters with farmers. A diverse, inter-dependent system is a healthy system, an ever more complex and interwoven system. The more relationships, the stronger and more resilient the system. We all need each other. If increased social fracture and continued ecological decline is one option, we seek to convene a conversation based on the wisdom of organic farmers to illuminate another path—one of relationship, of bio-regional unity, of interconnected systems. We know that we must come together as a region, and then as a nation, to imagine even more boldly what the future of our food system could be. We know that we must build an agriCULTURE system rooted in, and sustained by, relationship.

We all have a role to play in building a more democratic, just, a verdant food system, of and for the people—whether we are farmers, eaters, parents, teachers, truck drivers, community organizers, artists. The challenges facing agriculture are problems that face us all. We can only solve them when we come together, all of us smarter together than any of us alone. 

Each year, the NOFA- VT Winter Conference provides a valuable opportunity for farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, land managers, educators, producers, and other food-system activists to participate in our vibrant organic community by sharing ideas, resources, and skills and celebrate all we are making happen together.