Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling Bill by a vote of 28-2 !!!

On April 16th the Vermont Senate voted 28-2 in favor of H.112, which would require the labeling of foods made with genetic engineering. This brings Vermont very close to final passage and enactment of the nation’s first GMO labeling law that does not include a multi-state “trigger, which would require indefinite postponement of its implementation.   To visibly demonstrate to Governor Shumlin how important it is for him to sign the bill into law, the Coalition is calling for "honk and wave" events next Tuesday, April 22 (Earth Day) during morning "drive time" -- not just in Vermont but all across the country. Our national partners and supporters are helping to organize this. Use this online tool to set up and share your local honk and wave! The historic Senate vote followed more than two years of work by the Vermont Right to Know GMOs Coalition, of which NOFA Vermont is a member, and the support of thousands of Vermonters whose unrelenting grassroots efforts made clear to Vermont legislators that H.112 was a high priority. On the morning of April 17,the bill returned to the Vermont House, where it originated and was approved last year, for final review. It is hoped that the House will quickly move to approve the Senate version. It would then move to Governor Shumlin’s desk in the very near future. On several occasions in the past the Governor has expressed his support for Vermonter’s right to know what is in the food they buy and feed to their families and has indicated his general support for labeling legislation. However, his official intentions with respect to H.112 are unknown at this time. Sign up for a local honk and wave! In case you don't know, a "honk and wave" is when you and your friends get some signs together, set up shop on a street corner (or highway overpass) and rally in front of motorists in support of GMO labeling. Please plan to snap a picture of your event and post it to the VT Right to Know Facebook page. Keep checking the Vermont Right Know website for the latest on where people will be gathering, and make sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Thanks to all who have participated in this historic legislative campaign, and stay tuned for the final chapters! [post by Dave Rogers, NOFA-VT Policy Advisor.]