Support NOFA-VT with a year-end contribution

Dear Friend of NOFA-VT,

Donate or Become a Member! As NOFA-VT enters its 45th year, I have been reflecting on the growth of the organic food movement, NOFA-VT’s historic role in building a strong, local food economy, and the focus of our work, moving forward. As a friend, you can play an important role in supporting our work, and we appeal to you, at this time, to contribute to our annual fund.

I think two things are critical for Vermont organic agriculture to thrive­—people need to have a connection with farmers, and farms need to be as strong as they can be. We will continue our work to achieve both of those goals.

We will build relationships between Vermont consumers and food producers, like the farmers who write letters to classrooms statewide in our Farmer Correspondence Program, or the farm tours and Celebrate Your Farmer Socials held on organic farms every summer.  And, we will provide technical assistance to beginning and established organic farmers to help them be as profitable as possible­—from matching them with farmer mentors, developing marketing materials, or growing our Journey Farmer Program.

At the recent Farm to Plate gathering, organic producer Joe Bossen (quoting author Annie Dillard) stated, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

It is the compilation of days, and the progression of good work, that makes the difference over time.  NOFA-VT has been committed to growing organic farms, healthy food and strong communities since 1971, and we are motivated and passionate about our work moving forward. We so value the annual support of our friends to make this work possible and visible. Please consider a year-end gift to NOFA Vermont. Every donation matters.

Thank you, in advance, for your important contribution.

Enid Wonnacott



Enid Wonnacott, NOFA Vermont Executive Director