Meet the Farmers At Your Farmers Market

Farmers markets provide an excellent opportunity to meet a variety of growers that produce your food all in one place! To celebrate National Farmers Market Week, several farmers markets are hosting special events as part of Open Farm Week: August 3-9. With the tours, scavenger hunts, cooking demos, and hands-on activities, you’ll find new reasons to love your local Farmers Markets.DSC_0063 Farmers markets are one of the best places to pick up your groceries for the week and learn the story behind the food. When you buy direct from a farmers market, you get competitive prices, a wide variety of products, and a festive community environment. These markets are a great way for organic, local, and seasonal products to be brought to your neighborhood. From fruits and vegetables, meats, and cheeses to baked goods, prepared foods, and arts and crafts, farmers markets have just about everything you need! Consider visiting a different farmers market as part of Open Farm Week, or incorporating a trip to the farmers market into your weekly routine - turning your grocery shopping into a chance to spend time with family, run into friends, and get to know local farmers. Search through over sixty Farmers Markets to find one near you, and make sure to visit DigIn Vermont for a complete list of activities for Open Farm Week.