GMO labeling bill to be debated Thursday AM!

Vermont Right to Know! Label GMOsVermont's GMO labeling bill, H.112, has been passed out of the Judiciary Committee. It will be debated in the House tomorrow, first thing - if you want to be there (and watch history in the making!) arrive by 9:15 and head up the stairs to the House Chamber. A vote is scheduled for Friday. If the bill passes, it will be in a strong position to be taken up by the Senate when the legislature reconvenes in January. If you haven't yet contacted your Representatives, NOW is the time! You can leave a message for your Representatives at the statehouse by calling 802-828-2228, or click here to send an email. Ask them to vote yes on H.112, because you have the right to know what's in the food you and your family eat. We're proud to be part of the Vermont Right to Know Coalition - visit the Coalition's website to learn more about GMO labeling in Vermont. You can also follow the issue on Twitter with #vtrighttoknow.