Dogs of NOFA: Wilson

This is the last in our series of blog posts profiling the various office dogs at NOFA Vermont. Click on the links below to meet the other dogs:

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Meet Wilson

Wilson Wilson Watson is the latest dog to come to NOFA, along with Marissa Watson who works in the FEED program. Hailing all the way from South Carolina, he’s a terrifically handsome boxer mix with a nice brindle pattern and white markings. As a newbie, he’s learning the ins and outs of office life. Wilson has an obvious crush on fellow office dog, Ellie. Sometimes she growls at him, but occasionally she wants to play. Wilson quickly learned that the VOF Office has superior treats, so he frequently visits and dutifully “shakes” hands for a little kibble. He is working on not laying in the hallway (where all the action is!)

Marissa & Wilson