Dogs of NOFA: Linus

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Meet Linus, the VOF hound dog

Linus Gregg & Linus Linus is the faithful companion of Gregg, one of the Certification Specialists of our certifying agency, Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). Linus and Gregg can be seen strolling around Richmond every day, rain or shine, and Linus is at his perkiest when he's taking a walk (in fact, he is quick to speed up from a stroll to a canter when it's time to be put back on leash). Linus is a living barometer and prefers cool fall days, as long as the weather outside is mild and stable. We often debate in the office whether his universal disinterest to most things beside smoked ham steak, telephone poles, and Gregg is due to his advanced age or whether it's just his personality, but Gregg reminds us that Linus was quite the runner and a very typical hound in his youth.  As an elderly dog, Linus needs a lot of senior care, and he’s lucky to have Gregg who definitely deserves the “Dog Daddy of the Year” award.