Dogs of NOFA: Laila

NOFA Vermont is a dog-friendly office, with more than a few canine friends gracing the halls and offices (but not the kitchen, which is off limits to dogs...theoretically). We're planning to introduce them to you, one at a time, on our blog.

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The lovable lab Laila, the front office’s greeter


Laila + Maddie Laila is a chocolate lab who enjoys snacks, treats, and kibble, but her favorite food is chicken jerky. We often joke that she is clearly underfed because no matter how many treats we give her (and we give her A LOT), she's always ready for more.  She is the definitive sidekick of Maddie, our Office Manager & Policy Advisor and we call her "the assistant" because she is so loyal. If Maddie goes into another room, Laila follows her and waits outside. She even cuts playtime short if Maddie's not around; when someone else takes her outside to throw a ball, she only fetches it twice (seriously: twice), before she has to go back in and check on Maddie!