Dogs of NOFA: Ellie

NOFA Vermont is a dog-friendly office, with more than a few canine friends gracing the halls and offices (but not the kitchen, which is off limits to dogs...theoretically). 

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Meet Ellie, aka "Noodle"

Ellie Ellie is a border collie whom we affectionately call “Noodle” because of the way she wiggles when she greets her human co-workers in the office. True to her heritage, she is whip smart and always alert and ready to go; she's no couch potato! Ellie is an excellent fetcher of sticks and lacrosse balls and makes her rounds through the office several times a day, using her friendly personality and adorable antics to find a playtime partner. Although Ellie rarely makes a peep, she's quick to provide an encouraging growl to convince us of her desperate need to be playing outside.  Even the strongest among us gives in eventually (c'mon: could you say "no" to that face?), which gives Rachel, her owner, a break every now and then. 

Ellie & Rachel