Dogs of NOFA: Ella

NOFA Vermont is a dog-friendly office, with more than a few canine friends gracing the halls and offices (but not the kitchen, which is off limits to dogs...theoretically). 

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Ella Ella is a superlatively fuzzy 13-year old chow mix and is hands-down the quietest and most laid back of all the NOFA dogs. It takes a little patience and persistence to get to know her because she's usually sawing logs. Her thick fur doubles as a sleeping pad (which adds additional cushion to the actual sleeping pad, provided by Erin, her owner) and visitors will usually find her prostrate, sound asleep. She has been known to perk up with the promise of some smoked ham steak treat, but is quick to resume her relaxation. Clearly, Ella does a wonderful job reminding us of the value of life's creature comforts.

Ella & Erin