Dogs of NOFA: "The Boys"

NOFA Vermont is a dog-friendly office, with more than a few canine friends gracing the halls and offices (but not the kitchen, which is off limits to dogs...theoretically).

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Enid & the Boys We call Oscar (on the right with short hair) and Gus (on the left with shaggy hair) “The Boys”. Oscar is a pug and Gus is a lhasa apso-pug mix. The Boys are inseparable, partly because they're great friends and partly because Oscar doesn’t see or hear very well, so he depends on Gus as a guide. When Enid brings them to the office, Oscar barks incessantly because he knows that office = treats and will only stop barking once he has been given said treats. (He's trained us well.) We’ve never heard Gus bark but he is always smiling. Although they are supposed to stay with Enid, they are sometimes naughty and sneak downstairs, where there are superior dog treats and many laps for Oscar to sit on. Their delinquency is always greatly rewarded. 

Gus Oscar