City Market Rallys for NOFA-VT

Rally for Change City Market in Burlington has a "Round Up" program to benefit local non-profits

The Onion River Co-op, aka City Market in Burlington, is dedicated to supporting the local economy and strengthening the local food system. This year they’ve implemented a new giving program-- Rally for Change--that allows customers to “round up” their payment at the register (e.g., a $25.42 checkout could be rounded up to $26 for a $0.58 donation.) For the month of December, NOFA-VT is the lucky recipient of this “round up” change. Want to round up to the nearest five or ten dollars? You can do that too! With more than 4,000 transactions each day through the City Market registers, this “small change” can make a big difference for non-profit organizations like us. Thank you for supporting us while you shop at City Market!