Order from deadline – February 6 Bulk Order Pick Up Day – March 7, 9 am – 3 pm Order from deadline – 2/6/15
Pick Up Day – 3/7, 9am–3pm

Order from deadline – February 6 Bulk Order Pick Up Day – March 7, 9 am – 3 pm Every spring, NOFA Vermont holds an annual bulk order of farming and gardening supplies. Through the bulk order, NOFA members and the general public can purchase quality farm and garden supplies, which meet the National Organic Standards at "bulk" prices. All income generated from the Bulk Order goes to support NOFA Vermont's Vermont’s Farm to Community Mentor Program which builds partnerships between schools, farmers, and their communities. This year there are more than 30 new items for farmers, gardeners and homesteaders! We are introducing several animal feed supplement and healthcare products, more forms of pest control, and new fertilizers and amendments. Items available through the bulk order include:
  • fertilizers and soil amendments
  • potting soil
  • compost products
  • pest controls
  • cover crop seeds
  • animal feed supplements and healthcare products
  • gardening and marketing items such as field stakes, trellis, bags, bunching bands, and berry baskets
Forms are mailed to NOFA members and interested individuals in January of each year. To place an order, simply fill out the bulk order form and return it to the office by the February 6 deadline. Items are picked up in March at one of the several depots located throughout Vermont. Order forms are available online. For more information or to receive a bulk order form in the mail contact the NOFA office at [email protected] or 802-434-4122. S’ra DeSantis, NOFA-VT Bulk Order Coordinator