Certification Fees

Vermont Organic Farmers offers a transparent certification fee structure. We are committed to a certification fee structure that allows the producer to calculate their fees prior to engaging in the application process. VOF has competitively priced organic certification fees, keeping costs low and services local. We value our community of organic farmers and processors in Vermont and work towards keeping organic certification financially accessible. 


The Fee Schedule is as follows:

All producers pay a base fee of $500 plus an assessment on gross organic sales/services based on their projected gross sales for the calendar year. Please note: the maximum fee is $15,000.

To determine your fee:

1. Multiply your anticipated gross sales/services by the multiplier associated with its range (see table below)
2. Add the $500 base fee

Range of anticipated gross sales/services

Multiplier (Rate)

Base Fee

Up to $14,999

0 (0.000%)



0.004 (0.400%)



0.0033 (0.330%)



0.0025 (0.250%)



0.00175 (0.175%)



0.001 (0.100%)



Potential additional fees:
  • Late fee: A late fee of $75 will be charged for any application post marked after the application due date.Potential Additional Fees:
  • Supplemental fee: A supplemental certification fee will be charged for any applicant who requires additional work by the Review Committee or Certification Inspector.  Conditions that may require a supplemental fee are as follows: a repeat inspection to gather new information or to inspect another part of the farming operation (e.g. maple production in one season, crop production in another season); an additional audit trail review of a farm or processing application; out of state travel; or inspection of a farmer/processor whose facilities are in different locations.  The supplemental fee is $300.00 to cover the inspector’s salary and administrative costs.
  • 100% Grass Fed Certification Fee:  If you are requesting Grass Fed Certification through VOF this year, please add an additional $150 to your fee total to cover administrative and inspection costs associated with obtaining 100% Grass Fed

  • All Applicants: A minimum payment of half of the total certification fee due must be submitted with the application. If the required minimum payment is not submitted the application will be considered incomplete and may result in suspension or denial of your certification.
  • Continuing Applicants: If payment is not submitted in full with the application, applicants will have 120 days from the due date of the application until the balance of certification fees is due. If the balance of certification fees due is not paid in the timeframe stated above it may result in suspension of your certification.
  • New Applicants: If payment is not submitted in full with the application, any remaining balance is due within 120 days from the date of application submission or by the end of the calendar year, whichever is sooner. If the balance of certification fees due is not paid in the timeframe stated above it may result in suspension of your certification.


CERTIFICATION COST SHARE PROGRAM: The Agricultural Marketing Service Organic Certification Cost Share Programs are offered to all certified organic producers. Organic operations may be reimbursed for up to 75% of eligible certification costs; not to exceed $750 per certification scope. Reimbursement applications will be provided to all producers whose certification fees are paid in full, beginning in June. Funds are limited and producers will be reimbursed on a first come, first served basis. Pay your fee in full now for the best chance to receive reimbursement funds!