Impact Report 2015


We are excited to share our 2015 annual report (view online here) to outline the impacts of our work. Our 2013-2018 five-year plan details our goals in three main strategic areas: Growing the Demand for Organic Food, Growing the Supply of Organic Food, and Raising Our Voice.

Since 1971, NOFA-VT has played a critical role in growing a robust local and organic farm and food movement in Vermont. Whether highlighting achievements in 2015 like the number of schools we have worked with to increase access to local and organic food for Vermont’s schoolchildren (Growing the Demand), or the number of farm visits we have made to provide business and production support to organic farmers (Growing the Supply), or the number of people reached at our Winter Conference (Raising Our Voice) – we are nurturing this movement.

As a membership association, our job is to elevate the voices of all of our members – the commercial farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders; the educators, students and food processors. We are all eaters and we are all part of NOFA Nation, as I like to think of it, all working together to build healthier soils, raise healthier animals, and provide food for all, regardless of income.

Thank you for being an important part of NOFA-VT, and for your contribution to our work, on many levels.

Enid Wonnacott
Executive Director, NOFA Vermont