Distribution & Wholesale Financial Decision Making Tool

The Distribution and Wholesale Financial Analysis Decision Making Tool is designed to assist with the financial decision making related to product market channel, distribution and delivery selection.       

The Wholesale Price Waterfall Calculator Tab projects the potential return a producer may expect to receive if selling into wholesale (either direct to retail or through a distributor) after margins and trade allowances are deducted.          

The Annual Distribution Costs Tab compares the cost benefit of self distribution with an owned vehicle, self distribution with a leased vehicle, delivery via a shipping service, and distribution via a distributor. It also assesses whether leasing or owning is more cost effective based on your cost of distribution per mile.                                                 

The Trip Based Costs Tab is designed to help producers and shippers identify the break-even dollar value or number of cases of product needed on a vehicle based on the margin or dollar fee charged per case. It provides results for both owning and leasing scenarios.                                                      

The Non-Cash Considerations tab includes examples of non-cash considerations that should be part of a cost benefit analysis when exploring leasing vs owning or in-house vs outsourcing distribution.