Site Coordinator Information

The 2020 application period is now closed.

2020 Application Packet

  • 2020 Cover Letter (pdf)
  • Senior Farm Share Program Summary (pdf)
  • Senior Farm Share / Farm to Family Poster (pdf)
  • 3SquaresVT Cover Letter (pdf)
  • 3SquaresVT Poster (pdf)
  • Housing Site Applications (pdf)
  • Individual Participant Application (pdf)
  • Guidelines for Younger Adults with Disabilities (pdf)
  • Registration List (pdf)
  • Weekly Pick-Up Tracking List (pdf)
  • Share Distribution Plan (pdf)



  1. Site Coordinator reviews application materials.
  2. Site Coordinator completes Housing Site Application.
  3. Site coordinator makes copies of Participant Application and distributes to senior residents (³ 60 years) and disabled adults, if the housing site meets the requirements of the Eligibility Guidelines for Younger Adults with Disabilities form.
  4. Residents complete Housing Site Application.
  5. Site Coordinate collects Resident Applications.
  6. Site Coordinator submits Housing Site Application, Eligibility Guidelines for Younger Adults with Disabilities form, and all Resident Applications to NOFA-VT by May 31, 2020.



  1. NOFA-VT reviews Housing Site Application for completeness and eligibility for younger adults with disabilities to participate, if applicable.
  2. NOFA-VT reviews Resident Applications for completeness and eligibility.
  3. NOFA-VT notifies the Site Coordinator in early June if the housing site has been approved to participate in the Senior Farm Share Program, along with a list of approved applicants.
  4. NOFA-VT provides the Site Coordinator with the contact information for the CSA farm the housing site will be receiving CSA shares from.



  1. Site Coordinator contacts the CSA farm to determine the following:
    1. If shares need to be picked-up or if they can be delivered
    2. If the program will be 5 - $10 shares or 10 -$5 shares (or some other variation)
    3. What type of vegetables and fruits seniors prefer and what the farmer can offer
    4. If shares will be individually bagged or provided in bulk
    5. Organizing a farm or farmer visit, if possible
  2. Site Coordinator submits Share Distribution Plan document to NOFA-VT.



  1. Site Coordinator hangs “And Justice For All” poster where shares will be distributed/picked-up.

-If you need a new sign, please notify NOFA-VT and one will be sent to you.

  1. Participants initial the Weekly Pick-Up Tracking List each week when they pick up their share.
  2. Site Coordinator distributes newsletter and other materials provided by NOFA-VT to residents during share pick-ups.



Site Coordinator completes the following and submits them to NOFA-VT

  • Site Coordinator Survey
  • Weekly Pick-Up Tracking List
  • Participant Surveys


If you experience any issues with residents or farmers during the season, please contact Emmet Moseley immediately ([email protected] | 802-434-7162).


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.