Jack Lazor Memorial Soil Health Stewards



NOFA-VT is proud to launch a soil health cohort program to honor the legacy and wisdom of Jack Lazor, an organic farming pioneer and the co-founder of Butterworks Farm.

This cohort will promote farmer-to-farmer education and relationship building in an effort to address both short term mitigation strategies around soil health as well as long term systems change.

This cohort will prioritize farmers who are, or wish to become, great educators and will continue to share what they learn with other farmers through mentorship or by hosting workshops in the future.  In this way, the funds will continue to pay it forward and honor Jack’s legacy for years to come.

In this inaugural year, the program will focus on dairy and livestock farmers.

Meet the 2021 Soil Stewards here >>>



Generous donations from Stonyfield Organic & Organic Valley

NOFA-VT is honored to receive $5,000 donations from Stonyfield Organic and Organic Valley in memory of Jack Lazor to support this program.

Sharing the intentions for their donation, the Stonyfield team wrote:

"Healthy soil is the foundation of organic agriculture. We can think of no better way to honor Jack’s legacy than to support Vermont’s organic farmers in coming together to learn more about the best ways they can improve soil health, and share this knowledge with each other. This builds the viability of organic farms and advances the climate mitigation potential of organic farming.” 


Butterworks Farm & Lazor Family matching contribution and focus on education

When determining the best use of these funds, we reached out to Jack’s dear life and business partner, Anne Lazor. Excited about this memorial, Anne generously offered to match Stonyfield’s donation with excitement to support farmer education on soil health.  Anne shared:

“Jack would wish that you could make the main focus of this money to support education and technical support for the care of the 'life in the soil' and the 'soil carbon sponge,' which he was so passionate about in his later years. This would include soil biology, plants and roots covering the earth, biodiversity in farming and gardening, and creating systems that draw carbon into the earth and mitigate climate change."

Support our Soil Health Work

To make a gift to the Jack Lazor Soil Health Memorial Fund, please click here and choose Jack Lazor Soil Health Memorial Fund from the list of campaigns. Alternatively, you can mail a check made out to NOFA-VT to PO Box 697, Richmond, VT 05477 with the note ‘Jack Lazor Soil Health Memorial Fund’ in the memo line.