Farm to Community Mentors

Farm to Community Mentor NOFA-VT believes that Vermont farms and farm businesses will be strengthened as consumers increase their agricultural literacy and understanding and appreciation of who produces their food and where it comes from.

The Farm to Community Mentor Program works to foster a deeper understanding of agriculture and supports on-going engagement between communities and their local farms.

NOFA-VT has 8 regional Farm to Community Mentors who facilitate links between all members of their community - farmers, gardeners, parents, children - in order to reconnect communities to their local agriculture.

The Mentors work to:

  • Expand agricultural awareness by developing a community understanding of agriculture and develop on-going relationships between communities, schools and their local farms.
  • Reach out to communities across the state to expand the success of farms and farmers to serve as educational resources and integral to a community’s health.
  • Identify agricultural materials and professionals within the community as resources.

Farm to Community Mentor projects are varied in response to regional needs and opportunities.

We conduct two statewide programs: 

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