News from the Farm

Compost, Someday Farm A biweekly newsletter with a peek behind the scenes at 2 Vermont farms

...where you can follow along with farmers Scout Proft and Maria Reade of Someday Farm, and Misse Axelrod of Drift Farmstead. Every other week, you’ll learn what's happening on the farm, meet animals and plants through videos and photos, cook a seasonal recipe and try out a hands-on farm to school activity. Our small offering to keep agricultural learning strong for all of Vermont’s children, old and young.

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  1. Spring Sounds  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe 
  2. Animal Babies Everywhere!  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  3. Tools on the Farm  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  4. Pollinator Adventures  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  5. Animal Sounds  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  6. Preserving Summer's Bounty  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  7. Farm-Fresh Riddles  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  8. Patterns in Nature  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  9. Leaves We Eat  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  10. Tops & Bottoms  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe
  11. Life Beneath Our Feet  |  Video(s), activity, & recipe