Operating Card Machine

Vermont Farmers Market EBT and Debit Cards Project
* Be sure to charge the machine the night before your market

Operating EBT Machine
Many card machines available to farmers markets are now EMV compliant and able to accept Credit, Debit and EBT cards.
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Reimbursing Vendors
It is the responsibility of the farmers market to reimburse the vendors after customers have used their wooden tokens to purchase products. A best practice for collecting alternative market currencies from vendors is through the use of the Vendor Sales and Reimbursement Tracking Slips (Word).


  1. Provide each vendor at your market with two ziplock bags and a copy of the Vendor Sales and Reimbursement Tracking Slip within each bag.
  2. At the end of the market, vendors submit the ziplock bag with a completed (filled-in) slip along with the collected alternative currencies.
  3. Market staff review the tracking slip numbers against the currencies contained within the bag, and follow-up with vendors regarding an discrepancies (as needed).
  4. Market staff complete ___________ form to track reimbursements over the course of the season.
  5. Market staff write a check to the vendor according to the amount indicated on the tracking slip.
  6. Maket staff gives reimbursement check to vendor, who signs _____________ indicating that they've received payment.
  7. Market staff gives the vendor a ziplock bag with a new tracking slip.
  8. Continue to repeat 2-7 for remaining weeks of the market.



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