NOFA-VT's Mobile Pizza Oven

NOFA Vermont's mobile pizza oven Please note: As of 2020, the NOFA-VT pizza oven no longer caters private events.

For any questions, please reach out to Livy at [email protected] or 802-434-7153.

The NOFA-VT mobile, wood-fired oven travels to more than 50 events each summer and fall, serving locally-sourced pizza and other foods at festivals, community celebrations, farmers' markets, and private events.

The oven is staffed by a professional baker and a crew of NOFA interns and staff. Ingredients are sourced from farms as near to the event as possible - sometimes just steps away from the oven itself! Click here for five good reasons to choose local and organic!

NOFA-VT’s mobile oven was built in 2006 by the Maine Wood Heat Company in Norridgewock, ME.  It is a le Panyol oven, made from the Terre Blanche de Larnage (“White Earth”) tiles of Larnage, France, insulated and covered with a copper dome. 

The oven weighs 4000 pounds, with the trailer. We fire the oven with wood only and cook pizzas at approximately 800º F. It takes just 2 minutes to cook a pizza at this temperature!

We come to your event with everything needed. Although pizza is our most popular item, we can cook anything in our oven, from roasted root vegetables, bread, meats, etc. Please contact Livy Bulger for more details and pricing.