Jack’s Lazor’s life & legacy


Jack Lazor

Jack Lazor was a cornerstone of the organic farming community. Jack, along with his wife Anne Lazor, have always been innovators or organic agriculture. They co-founded Butterworks farm 45 years ago and started making yogurt and cottage cheese on the stove and doing door to door deliveries. This business has grown to include exceptional quality yogurts, kefits, heavy cream and buttermilk widely available across the east coast, with the business now largely managed by their daughter Christine Lazor.

Jack has always known the particulars of soils and in his later years Jack was especially passionate about support for the care of life in the soil and the soil carbon sponge. He was a brilliant and enthusiastic educator, always eager and willing to share his wisdom and experience with other farmers. Jack was an exceptional scholar, a persistent and optimistic farmer, and a remarkably generous human being. Jack and Anne were honored in 2019 with a Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award for their work advocating for organic agriculture. Their lessons are deeply embedded into the organic farming movement.

Jack passed in November 2020 after a long battle with cancer, and Vermont’s organic farming community is eager to honor his legacy and assure that his work and knowledge continues on with the next generation.