Insights from Host Farms

Insights from Host Farmers

Describe your relationship with the ideal apprentice. What do you expect? What do you give?

• The ideal apprentice is committed, hard working listens well and communicates well. He/she is able to “get along” with the farm family, and immerse themselves in the farm routines. We give: our time, our space, our food, knowledge, friendship, flexibility, time off, some privacy, humor, and a great experience.

• We give experiential learning, acting as teachers and mentors within the framework of full time work on the farm. We expect our apprentices to work hard and often to push themselves a little harder than they thought they could.

• Stays from start to finish. Is intelligent. Able to complete tasks. We give experience and knowledge – they will definitely learn by watching and doing.

• Someone who really wants to learn, try, participate. Thinks it is all fun. Small financial needs.

• I expect sincere interest in vegetable farming, well-developed work ethic, and competency. I give an experience to be an integral part of the organic farming community; exposure to operating farm machinery, structured learning, and more.

• Communicative, willing, eager, easily laughs. We expect after meeting and going over what to expect here, that they will fulfill their commitment for the time. We give our land, lives, knowledge, family, home, farm, warmth, love, cloths, & generally expose our souls.

• Enthusiasm to learn all aspects of farm. We in kind supply them with as many opportunities – and make sure that if they have a specific interest, we give them the resources to develop that interest through printed materials, farm visits, workshops, mini internships, etc.