Insights from Farm Workers/Apprentices

Insights and Quotes from Former NOFA Vermont Farm Workers/Apprentices

  • “The family went out of town for a long weekend and we had to run the CSA and market on Saturday. We were slightly intimidated, but it was a great learning experience. We did everything from harvesting and washing to organizing payment structures for the market. It was fun being the farmer for a few days!”
  • “The knowledge I have gained is invaluable and will benefit me for a lifetime.” “Though the days felt long and brutal sometimes, the farm labor and environment soothed me.”
  • “The work was repetitive, but the experience was great: he and I pulled bed after bed while talking about composting, cover cropping, planting, rotations, and how to market garlic. We had a friendly competition going as to who could pull more garlic, so that the pace at which we worked stayed constant and quick, making the time pass by quickly.”
  • “I would suggest to future apprentices to visit multiple host farms before deciding on where to fulfill an apprenticeship. Even if you feel you are sure you want to stay at the very first place you visit, visit other farms – you may change your mind, when you are exposed to other farmers and operations.”
  • “I am definitely going to say with agriculture as a career. This experience overall has been great. It has shown me that my once seemingly far fetched dream of being an organic farmer is quite realistic and attainable, and that its fulfillment is only dependent upon focus and work.”
  • “The best learning experiences happened when we were weeding. We would start talking about the plants we were cultivating. It was truly learning by doing.”