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Through the Apprentice and Farm Worker program, NOFA Vermont facilitates connections between interested individuals and Vermont farms with work opportunities. The NOFA Vermont on-line directory is a list of farms, market gardens and processing operations seeking apprentices and farm workers. The directory serves several purposes:​

  • It gives farmers an efficient and easy way to advertise their apprenticeship opportunity to a wide pool of interested individuals.
  • It gives potential apprentices/workers an opportunity to learn about different farm worker positions and the means to contact farmers directly.
  • The on-line directory allows host farmers to search through the list of registered applicants and contact those apprentices/workers that seem like a good fit for their farm. 

The directory is available to individuals who have applied and registered with the NOFA Vermont Apprentice Program website. Potential workers and apprentices use the directory to find farms that closely match their desired experience and will contact the farmers directly. As a VOF certified producer or NOFA Vermont member, you receive a free listing in the directory: others are asked to pay a $10 listing fee. There is no cost for applicants (farm workers/apprentices) to participate in the program. Participation includes invitation to NOFA Vermont sponsored beginning farmer trainings and workshops, invitation to our annual Winter Conference, and participation in a growing network of apprentices and aspiring farmers.

The workshops and trainings allow apprentices to supplement their on-farm educational experience. All apprentices/farm workers, whether affiliated with NOFA Vermont’s Apprentice Program or not, are encouraged to attend.

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**Farmers, remember that apprentices are employees! Learn more about how the Department of Labor views apprenticeships in our legal resource guide.**