Information for Farm Workers

The NOFA Vermont on-line directory provides up to date information to help you find a situation that fits the farming experience you are looking for. The directory profiles over 60 farms looking for apprentices and farm workers and provides information that may help you locate the appropriate apprenticeship.

The directory allows you to view the apprentice opportunities and communicate with the farmer directly. We encourage you to take some time to visit the farm where you are interested in working and meet the farmer who you will be working with, as the success of your experience often hinges on the host-apprentice relationship. NOFA Vermont does not provide a placement or matching service but we are happy to serve as a resource if you have questions or concerns along your search.

Register to view our on-line directory free of charge. It is then your responsibility to apply to farms that interest you. We recommend contacting at least 3-5 farms to insure that you receive a job placement. Once you receive a position, please let our office know your change of address so we can send you information on trainings and workshops. The earlier in the spring you apply, the better chance you have of receiving a position with the farm of your choice. Often farms only have a few placements to offer and they can fill up quickly. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the office by phone 802-434-4122 or via email, [email protected]  

While there is no deadline for applying, the majority of positions start in the spring and end in the fall. There are some early spring opportunities on farms producing maple syrup and some farms have year round placements.

Unfortunately at this time, we are not able to assist International Applicants as we do not provide a matching service and can not assist with securing a work VISA.

Summer On-Farm Workshop Series
Participants in the program have the opportunity to attend NOFA Vermont's summer On-Farm Workshops Series. Workshops are held June-October, cover a wide range of topics and are led by local farmers. Many farmers who are listed in the directory have agreed to let their workers attend NOFA Vermont sponsored workshops that are geared to the needs of new farmers & apprentices. These workshops are also an opportunity to meet other apprentices on Vermont farms and share experiences. Costs vary for each workshop, check back throughout the summer for date/time, location and price for each workshop.

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We recommend that apprentices and farm workers read our legal resource sheet.

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