Vermont Organic Dairy Farmers

Vermont Certified Organic How can we support the organic dairy farmers who sell their milk wholesale?

In Vermont, farmers ship their milk to four milk buyers. Please look for the following brands at your local store or co-op.

Organic Dairy in Vermont

If your local store does not carry these brands, ask them to. You may find that these name-brand products from family farms share shelf space with store-brand organic milk from as far away as Colorado. By purchasing the products listed above you are ensuring that your dollars support family farmers in the Northeast and Vermont.

Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certifies just under 200 Vermont dairy farms as organic. These farmers ship fluid milk, bottle their own milk, or make various dairy products including award winning cheeses, yogurt and ice cream. The best way to support these farmers is to purchase their products. Farmers who process their own dairy products include:

In addition, the following businesses process organic milk from Vermont farms:

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