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Search our database of organic producers to find certified organic farms/processors and their list of products. You can use the filters to narrow your results.

Please note that all of the products listed in this directory are certified organic but some producers may also sell items that are not certified organic. We encourage you to ask the farmer if you have questions about a particular product or practice.

Bouchard Family Dairy, LLC

Primary Contact: Greg Bouchard

Phone: (802) 782-5944

Products: Balage (wrapped bales), Beef cattle: slaughter stock, Dairy cow: milk, Dairy cow: replacements, Dairy cow: slaughter stock, Hay (dry round bales), Hay (dry square bales), Pasture

Boulder Ridge Maple

Primary Contact: Kimberly Lantagne

Phone: 8023346698

Products: Maple Sap (Unconcentrated), Maple Syrup

Bourdon Enterprises Inc.

Primary Contact: Don Bourdon

Phone: (802) 359-3276

Products: Maple Sap (Unconcentrated), Maple Syrup

Boyden Valley Winery, LLC

Primary Contact: Bridget Bailey

Phone: (802) 644-2212


Products: Maple Sap (Unconcentrated), Maple Syrup, Other

Bradley Bates

Primary Contact: Bradley T Bates

Products: Maple Sap (Unconcentrated), Maple Syrup

Branon Family Maple Orchards

Primary Contact: Cecile Branon

Phone: (802) 827-3914


Products: Maple Candy, Maple Cream, Maple Sap (Concentrated), Maple Sap (Unconcentrated), Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup, Other, Haylage

Branon Shady Maples, Inc

Primary Contact: Damian Branon

Products: Maple Sap (Unconcentrated), Maple Syrup

Bravo Botanicals

Primary Contact: Andrew Loughney


Products: CBD Coconut Oil, CBD Drops, CBD Shea Cream: Lemongrass Blend, Hemp