Farm Stands

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Vermont farm stands are listed alphabetically below. Click a farm's name to view more details. Use the filters to narrow your search. Farms marked with the VOF logo are certified organic for some or all of their operation. They may offer items in their farm stand that are not certified organic. We encourage you to ask the farmer if you have questions about a particular product or practice.

Laughing Child Farm

Owner(s): Timothy and Brooke Hughes-Muse

Town: Pawlet

Open April 1 - September 30

Lewis Creek Farm

Owner(s): Hank Bissell

Town: Starksboro

Open January 1 - December 31

Maple Wind Farm

Owner(s): Beth Whiting

Town: Huntignton

Open February 26 - December 31

McKnight Farm

Owner(s): Seth Gardner

Town: East Montpelier

Open January 1 - December 31

Mighty Food Farm

Owner(s): Lisa MacDougall

Town: Shaftsbury

Open October 30 - February 28

Pete's Greens

Owner(s): Pete Johnson

Town: Craftsbury

Open May 1 - October 15

River Berry Farm

Owner(s): David Marchant

Town: Fairfax

Open May 1 - October 31