Thistle Hill Farm LLC

Host Name:

John Putnam



Phone Number:


Best Time to Reach by Phone:

Any time

Farm Overview

Certified Organic:




Farm Stand:


Farm Type:


Farm background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests

Check out web site

Farm operation

Farmstead cheesemaking with our Jerseys. No purchased inputs except grain. Google Tarentaise

Farm physical setting and community

North Pomfret. Upper Valley within 10 miles, Woodstock 9 miles. Very hilly, pretty. Pond, dogs, cows and very quiet.

Are all crops and animals raised organically? If not, to what degree are organic methods used on the farm?

All organic, but the pigs are not certified.

Current Opportunities

Work Type:

Apprentice(s) and Farm Worker(s)

Number of apprentices needed:


Number of workers needed:


Work Period:

June 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019

We are are a farmstead Cheesemaking operation We do it all from hay, to milking to making and selling our award winning Tarentaise cheese. It would be all the growing months (we are grass fed) You would be expected to be everywhere all at once. Check out the website

Work expectations

There is a lot of physical effort involved. Even a milk pail weighs 40 LB. Then there are hay bales, persuading cows to cow where they might not agree is a good place, etc. 5:00 AM start time (not everyday for everyone) and you must be able to work with my family ages 60 to 24. The cheese house can be very hot and moist during cleaning (and there is a lot of cleaning here, both in the barn and the cheese house. We are fastidious about that part. We have received the highest quality milk awards nationally and same with the cheese.

Work Week and Wages

Totally variable. Depends on the weather, whether we are making cheese, scrubbing cheese, haying milking or doing all at once.

Stipend Available:


Hourly Wage:


Weekly Wage:


Monthly Wage:


Wage to be determined:


Wage based on experience:


Trial Period Information:

We need to meet you first, we can do details then.

Apprentice Benefits and Learning

Apprentice off-farm learning

  • Attend NOFA Vermont workshops as part of paid work
  • Time off to attend NOFA Vermont workshops

Room & Board Benefits:

Room and Board

Depends entirely on the candidate. It could go from room and board to neither.

Skills to be learned by apprentices

Cheese, milking, haying gardening etc.

Apprentice instruction and training

There will be a tremendous amount of instruction at the outset, but it will tail off if you are competent. If we have to be there all the time, we don't need you.