Keynote & Workshops

Farmers Market Keynote

Why Data Matters, Darlene Wolnik – In recent years, farmers markets across the U.S. have been in an almost-constant state of engagement with their stakeholders, with their neighbors, and with their elected officials. That has required market leaders to spend more time making the case for support, using terms that resonate with those listening and data that illustrates how the elegant and efficient mechanism of farmers markets offers so many positive impacts to their communities.  Darlene Wolnik, a national advocate and trainer for farmers markets, has spent the last two decades either operating or supporting farmers markets and analyzing data on their behalf. She will share her views of why data matters.


  • Lessons from Collecting Customer Data at VT Markets – Dar Wolnik, Sherry Maher, Cindy Walcott & Hannah Sessions
  • Best Practices for Collecting and Using Gross Sales Data – Dar Wolnnik, Sherry Maher, & Charlotte Roozekrans
  • Clarifying and Refining Your Farmers Market’s Message – Anna Fleishman
  • How to Write Newsletters that People Want to Read – Anna Fleishman
  • EBT and Crop Cash 101: Everything You Need to Know – Jennie Porter
  • Power of Produce (POP) Clubs: The Power of Children’s Programming – Lauren Griswold & TBD