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Data Driven Advocacy: Communicating the Value of Your Market - Nancy Staisey and Halaine Harris 

You've heard how important it is to collect data at your market. You may have even used that data to make strategic operational decisions at your market. Now learn how to use your data to communicate the value of your market to various stakeholders. Historic Lewes Farmers Market leaders, Nancy Staisey and Helaine Harris, share a four-step approach they developed for using market data to tell meaningful stories that communicate the complex and varied benefits of markets.  They explain how they've effectively advocated for their market using data, and how you can too!


Increase Market Customers and Sales: Lessons from a "Living Lab"​ – Nancy Staisey and Halaine Harris 

Join Historic Lewes Farmers Market (HLFM) leaders to learn how they made their market into a “living lab” to understand how they could increase sales, attract more customers, and grow SNAP participation. This workshop will review specific strategies to increase sales and attendance at farmers markets based on research conducted at the HLFM as well as inspire you to collect and use market data to make strategic decisions.

Finding a New Winter Home: A Relocation Case Study– Sherry Maher & Janice Baldwin

Does your market have a secure home? Are you considering a relocation? Brattlboro Winter Farmers Market leaders will share their experience and lessons learned in the process of relocating a vibrant winter season market after 12 years in a lovely, high visibility location on Main Street, and the vital role that market data played in this process.

Data Tools for your Market Toolkit – Sherry Maher

Are you capturing lots of data from your market? Are you making good use of that data? Or still trying to figure out how and where to start? This session will share the new and improved data tools developed through the FMPP Market Metrics Project. These include workbooks for capturing and analyzing gross sales data and visitor counts. Markets using the spreadsheets made available at last year’s conference are invited to share their experiences, as are markets who have developed their own successful approaches to gathering and collecting market data.

Risk Management for Farmers Market Leaders​ – Erin Buckwalter & Dar Wolnik 

Vendor Records, Legacy Binders, Historical Documents, Business Records, Safety Checklists, and Incident Reports are all examples of documents that markets should maintain, according to the Farmers Market Legal Toolkit. This presentation will walk market leaders through the Toolkit and lead discussions on the legal issues around governance, SNAP, and general risk issues of markets.  Please come prepared to share your own systems and ongoing challenges. 

EBT and Crop Cash 101: Everything You Need to Know – Emmet Mosely 

Is your market interested in accepting EBT/SNAP (known as 3SquaresVT in Vermont) and Crop Cash? Or do you just need to brush up on the basics? Learn everything you need to know to successfully operate these programs at your market. 

Capitalize on Consumer Trends to Increase Your Market Sales – Diane Eggert

How do your customers feel about your market? During the summer of 2018, a consumer survey was conducted to learn consumer attitudes toward shopping for local food, particularly at farmers markets. The responses provided us with valuable information that we can use to ensure are farmers markets reflect what consumers want. This session will look at the survey results and offer suggestions on retooling your farmers market to reach today’s food shoppers.