Pt 1: Gardening & Land Management as Spiritual Practice, Online class

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

An Online Class; $20 per person; Handout included

The second part of this class will be offered on May 16th as an in-person class. You are not required to take both, but they work beautifully together.

At Earthwise Farm & Forest, we are committed to taking the time to integrate spiritual practice into our growing plan - as well as sitting with the land to ask what is being invited.

This online class will share some concrete spiritual tools and practices used for listening to the land and working with the energies present in your landscape.

Participants Will:
* Learn how Dowsing can be used in garden planning and communicating with the land,
* Be introduced to key concepts of Biodynamic farming.
* Be introduced to Power Animals & Spirit Guides and how they can play a part in land stewardship.

We hope that after this class so you will be inspired, energized and ready to co-create and play with the natural world and the unseen energies that surround us.

About the Teacher: Lisa McCrory is a holistic land management consultant and a co-owner of Earthwise Farm & Forest in Bethel, Vermont. She has more than three decades of experience managing land with grazing and incorporating spiritual practices, like Dowsing, Biodynamics, Reiki, and Shamanic healing.

We will meet again in person (for those interested) on May 16th, [following Covid protocols] at Earthwise Farm & Forest (Bethel, VT) where we will further our learning with exercises in dowsing and plant/spirit communication to build confidence, success and healing.


on-line class; Hosted by Earthwise Farm & Forest


341 Macintosh Hill Rd
Bethel, VT 05032
United States



Contact Name:

Lisa McCrory