Building Soil From the Ground Up- CANCELLED

Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm


Join farmers Stephen Leslie and Kerry Gawalt on a tour of their farm, they’ll talk about their soil fertility building practices and nutrient management program. Educator and soil enthusiast, Cat Buxton, will talk about building soil through enhancing photosynthesis, capturing water, alternatives to tilling soil, and other systems for enabling the soil microbiome to flourish and vastly improve nutrient uptake in plants. Learn simple techniques for building up the soil carbon sponge in your lawn, vegetable and flower beds, and in the orchard. We’ll discuss the basics of techniques like composting, compost teas and extracts, incorporating cover crops and green manures, hugelkultur, mulching, and using plant guilds to support ecosystem services and bank nutrients.

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Cobb Hill


17 Linden Rd
Hartland, VT 05048
United States


$40 members, $50 non-members. Lunch included

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Kyla Bedard