3rd Annual State House to Farmhouse: Citizen Advocacy at the Intersection of the Working Lands, Its Community Members, and Policymakers

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 10:00am to 12:00pm


State House to Farmhouse is an annual event and opportunity for farmers, farmworkers, and legislators to build relationships and engage in rich dialogue about how policy can support the transition to a resilient and equitable agriculture that benefits all of our people, communities, and landscapes. In the midst of a year where so much has changed on farms and within our greater food web, and so many structural inequities have been exacerbated, there is much to discuss.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is intended as a gathering for farmers, farmworkers, and legislators. If you don't identify in one of these categories, we respectfully ask that you not RSVP to make space for important connections between farmers and policymakers. 

This event is ONLINE via Zoom. RSVP is required. Please RSVP here: https://bit.ly/3exujd7

This year's event is presented by Addison County Relocalization Network, Center for an Agricultural Economy, Food Connects, Franklin County Conservation District, Healthy Roots, Merck Farm & Farmland, Farm to Plate, Northeast Organic Farming Association of VT, Rural Vermont, Vermont Farmers Food Center, Vermont Grass Farmers Association, and Vital Communities.

More Detail:

The pandemic has radically changed much of our lives, in our families, our communities, on our farms, and throughout the greater food web. It has exacerbated and made more clear long standing structural inequities in our society and in agriculture. New courage and bold leadership is called for if we are to meaningfully address such long-term, systemic issues  as food insecurity, economic consolidation and concentration in agriculture and the greater economy, social/racial/economic inequity, just livelihoods, land access and farm succession, climate change, and healthcare, childcare, eldercare access and affordability. Together, we can turn this moment of reckoning into an inflection point to realize the potential of the land, and build an equitable working lands economy and community, for healing psychological, social, economic, racial, and ecological harms.  Policy at the State and national levels plays a substantial role in shaping our livelihoods, our agriculture, and the health of our families and communities. The annual State House to Farmhouse event is an opportunity to build relationships and engage in rich dialogue that examines how policy can support the transition to an agriculture that benefits all of our people, communities, and landscapes.

Agenda | 2 hours:

  • Arrivals and Welcome
  • Introductory Remarks with Panel Featuring Stories of Farmers Impacting Policy
  • Small Group Regional Break-Outs with Dialogue Between Local Farmers/Farmworkers & Legislators
  • Large Group Reconvenes, Small Groups Share Takeaways, and Closing Remarks


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