Small Axe Farm

Seasons Available:

  • Summer

Products Offered:

  • Vegetables

Share Distribution:

Deliveries are on Fridays. Our delivery route includes Barnet, St. Johnsbury, Littleton, East Burke, Monroe and Lyndonville. We have drop off sites at Littleton Coop and in St. Johnsbury.

Certified Organic:


We are a small, family operated off-grid vegetable farm in the hills of Barnet. Our farm is run on solar power. We are and always have been a no-till farm, meaning we do not use machinery in our fields. Our focus is sustainability. We do all we can to limit our fossil fuel use in our farm activities. Because we run our farm ourselves we are able to ensure that we provide clean, flavorful, nutrient dense vegetables.

Farmer Name(s):

Heidi Choate, Evan Perkins


731 Whitehill Rd.
Barnet, VT 05042

Phone Number:


Email Address:

[email protected]