Brook Meadow Farm

Seasons Available:

  • Fall, Spring, Summer

Products Offered:

  • Berries, Canned goods, Eggs, Flowers, Grains, Vegetables

Other Products:

Goat, Frozen edamame, dry beans, popcorn, flint corn

Share Distribution:

Free choice plus?! We have been offering up greens from the greenhouse and eggs from our organically fed hens for over a month now; you are welcome to come anytime you need cilantro, eggs, greens - if there's not some out, you can collect and pick your own. Otherwise we do Friday afternoon pick-ups 12-5:30 during the school year or delivery if that is helpful - especially for our seniors.

$800 Spring/Summer Full Share; $600 Fall/Winter

Special Payment Options:

  • NOFA-VT Farm Share Program, Payment Plans

Certified Organic:


Pick Your Own:


We start growing in February so you have greens, veggies, berries from April - November. Our CSA includes plants and support for your own home kitchen garden, eggs, veggies, berries (both fresh and frozen) and gorgeous sustainably grown flowers. We grow using no synthetic pesticides or herbicides and only OMRI approved fertilizers and compost. Our mission is to promote a more just, joyful and sustainable society by helping people connect to the earth (sun, soil, air and water) as the source of great joy and all our food. We empower children to plan, problem solve, build, and grow their own food. Joining this CSA not only feeds you but strengthens our community in direct, meaningful ways. At Farm Camp we say "Thank you to the sun, soil air and water for making this meal possible. Thank you to the plants and animals, including the people who grew it, picked it, processed it, moved it, and prepared it and share it with us. May it fuel our good work and feed our friendship." Join us and make Brook Meadow Farm your farm.

Farmer Name(s):

Lisa Holderness


799 Upper Dummerston Road
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Phone Number:


Email Address:

[email protected]