Blue Heron Farm

Seasons Available:

  • Summer, Winter

Products Offered:

  • Vegetables, Bread, Milk, Chicken, Pork, Lamb

Share Distribution:

The CSA will run for 18 weeks, from early June until October. Members pick up their weekly share on Monday nights from 4-6:30 PM at BHF in Grand Isle. Dropoff/pickup sites can be arranged in St Albans, Burlington, or Plattsburgh, NY area. You would need to find 10 or more members that were full/indiv shares to make it work. Instead of us deciding where to drop off, we are putting it out to you. There would be a nominal fee for delivery along with the share cost. Please call us for more information on possibly delivering to your home/workplace.

Special Payment Options:

  • 3SquaresVT (SNAP), NOFA-VT Farm Share Program, Payment Plans

Certified Organic:


Pick Your Own:


We established our farm in April 2004 here on Quaker Rd in the beautiful Champlain Islands. This is our 9th season with a CSA. It was the dream of landowners Roy Newton and Ev Grimes to bring the land back into active farming use. They gave us support, love, and freedom to grow Blue Heron Farm in this beautiful place. On October 31, 2012, thanks to Roy, Vermont Land Trust, South Hero Land Trust, family, countless friends and community members - we are now the stewards of 30 acres on Quaker Rd. Buying this land and conserving it from development, has secured our future, our children's future and the future of agriculture in Grand Isle. A lot has, can and will happen on this small acreage - feeding many people, from all walks of life. This year we are going to use the knowledge and skills we have been honing to grow our/your food more holistically and provide the best, most nutrient dense food we can grow. Over the last few years, our soils have taken quite a beating with the extreme weather conditions. By working toward balancing soil minerals and fostering a thriving soil biology, we can take our farm to the next level-not to get bigger, but to grow in a more symbiotic way with our farm's life and soil and protect against future weather extremes. This means we will grow even tastier and more nutritious vegetables, eggs, milk and meat! With your continued support, we can keep feeding you and your family, our family and our community at large. We continue on working our dream of growing a diversified family farm with produce, grazing sheep for fiber and meat, sweet cows for raw milk and beef, poultry for eggs and meat, apprenticeships, and educational programs. We strive to have our farm have a symbiotic relationship with the people, land, grazing animals, and produce of the farm. Our membership prices are based on a sliding scale honor system. We believe people of modest means should have access to wholesome organic food. We also have to make a living ourselves. We have three prices for the Full & Individual Share offerings. If you can pay the highest price, please do. If you cannot, then choose a lower option. You also receive a newsletter each week full of recipes and BHF happenings. *Full Share. This share provides an average of $40 worth of produce per week at market prices (That’s more than $700 worth over 18 weeks.) Full Share: $575/$625/$650 *Individual Share. This share provides an average of $25 worth of produce per week at market prices. (That’s more about $450 worth over 18 weeks.) Individual: $375/$425/$450 *Salad Share. This share provides an average of $12 of produce per week at market prices. This share is perfect for those who want some salad greens, some quick snacking veggies or simple veggies/fruit that have little fuss. Salad: $200 *Prorated Summer Resident Share. Here for the summer and still want to be part of our farm this is the share for you. The number of weeks you are here are multiplied by full share cost ($40) or individual share cost ($25) equals the amount you owe.

Farmer Name(s):

Adam Farris & Christine Bourque


34 Quaker Road
Grand Isle, VT 05458

Phone Number:


Email Address:

[email protected]