Crop Cash Program Coordinators

2021 Program Resources

  • Program Overview (doc)
  • Dates of Importance (doc)
  • Market Agreement Form (doc)
  • Sample Press Release (doc)
  • 3SquaresVT Customer Types (doc) 
  • Vendor Agreement Form (doc)
  • EBT Only Daily Transaction Log (pdf

Outreach Materials

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Data Tracking & Reporting Resouces

It is critical that a farmers market have the ability to track basic market data in order to evaluate the impact the market is having on the community it exists to serve. In the context of the Crop Cash Program, data is used to communicate the impact of the program to stakeholders - state legislators, private donors, community members - who do not interact with your market everyday.

Data-driven stories drive policy. On this page, you will find some tools to assist your market with data collection and help you to begin to more effectively tell the story of your market.

Required Data for Crop Cash Program
Markets are required to submit transaction, redemption, and post-market data for each active market date on FM Tracks. Markets must submit transaction logs for each market day to NOFA once Monthly. 

Transaction Data
1. Number of 3SquaresVT/SNAP Transactions
2. Amount ($) of 3SquaresVT/SNAP Transactions (i.e. amount of $1 tokens distributed)
3. Amount ($) of Crop Cash Distributed

Redemption (Vendor Reimbursement) Data
1. Amount of $1 Tokens Redeemed (i.e. spent by customers)
2. Amount of Crop Cash Redeemed (i.e. spent by customers)

Post-Market Data
1. Number of Total Vendors selling at the market 
2. Number of Vendors Selling SNAP-Eligible Foods
3. Number of Vendors Selling Crop Cash-Eligible Foods (Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Seeds, or Starts)
4. Number of Paid Staff Operating the Program
5. Number of Volunteers Operating the Program
6. Market Events (e.g. live music)
7. Total Hours Spent Operating and Reporting for the Program (including hours spent at the market)

Batch Reports- In 2021 we are no longer requiring markets to submit batch reports. 


FM Tracks

Data Entry Guides (step-by-step instructions for inputing required data in FM Tracks)
     Website (UPDATED FOR 2021) (pdf)

Data Tracking Forms
     Individual/Daily Transaction Tracking Form (pdf)
     Market Summary Data Sheet (pdf)
Tips and Tricks
     Creating Pivot Tables in Excel (ppt)
     Utilizing the Reports Function on FM Tracks (webinar)

Report Metrics
Submitting Market, Day and Vendor Metrics (pdf)

    This workbook includes the following tabs to track your market transactions and activities:

    • Directions for Use (pdf)
    • Daily Transaction Tracking Form (pdf)
    • Vendor Reimbursement Log (pdf)
    • Market Summary Data Sheet (excel)(pdf)


    • Vendor Sales & Reimbursement Tracking Slip (word) (pdf)
    • Vendor Reimbursement Log (pdf)

    SNAP/EBT Resources

    Manual vouchers for print (pdf)

    Manual Voucher Instructions (pdf)