Wash- Pack and Hoophouse Crew

Work at Jericho Settlers Farm is diverse, though this position focuses on hoophouse vegetable production, caring for
laying hens, and packing products for our many markets and accounts. Employees work as part of the Home Farm Crew
to ensure the proper cleaning, quality control, and packing of all produce and eggs. The work involves unloading harvest
trucks, washing with various techniques and equipment ranging from a brush washer to a salad greens spinner, daily care
of laying hens and egg washing, as well as hoophouse tomato care and spring/fall salad greens production. You will be
expected to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining an eye for quality control. You must be comfortable being on
your feet all day and working in a wet environment. At Jericho Settlers Farm we work smart and hard all day and
expect our employees to do the same. Work schedule is 5 days per week with 2 consecutive days off. Work weeks are
typically 50 hours per week. Work days are typically from 7 am to 5 pm with a morning break and a ½ hour lunch.
Positions start in April and May and run through the weekend before Thanksgiving.


Christa Alexander

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