Small Scale Milking and Creamery Equipment For Sale

Everything (except the bulk tank and belly milkers) is 4 years old and in great condition.

Micro Dairy Design 30 gallon Vat pasteurizer Including all connected parts: Liner, agitator, airspace heater, water jacket heaters, chart recorder with relay and approved digital indicating thermometers, mercury air space thermometer (back-up) - New price = $12,000 - We're asking = $9,600 or $9,000 without the mercury AST

Ecoflex packager made by Micro Dairy design is a stainless steel carousel sized for pint or quart plastic bottles. It uses the the masterflex peristaltic pump to fill the bottles. You can uses this legally bottle grade A liquid products (milk, buttermilk, Etc.) -New price= $1,500, We're asking $1,000
The Masterflex pump can be used for all sorts of things; from moving milk to and from the Vat or bottling. - New Price =$1,500 We're asking= $1,200
10 gallon butter churn: New= $4,900, We're asking $4,000
205 gallon Sunset bulk tank with compressor = Asking $2,800
Surge belly milkers with pulsator and rubber (2 of them) = Asking $200 each


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