Looking for Farm upon which to place Canvas Wall tent- Can pay rent and work in return

I am 23, just graduated from UVM with an ecology degree and am currently guiding dog sledding in Ely, MN for a company called Wintergreen. I want to live within 20-30 minutes of Burlington but do not feel like I can continue living within the city limits. I will be returning from Minnesota in early March.
I would like to build a simple platform and put up a wall tent. It would be about 14x16, would have a wood stove and most likely a tarp covered outdoor area in front or around back. It would be easily constructed and easily removed.
I can pay a monthly rental fee and work an agreed amount of farm hours to subsidize the living. I play a lot of bluegrass music, work hard, live simply and carry a positive attitude with me wherever I go.
If you can not personally accommodate me, please pass the word along to friends that may be able to. Hope to hear back from someone!


Elliot Diana

Phone Number: