Lead Gardener | Plowshare Farm Lifesharing Community | Greenfield, NH

Are you a skilled organic vegetable gardener? Trained in or open to biodynamic principles? Ready to lead our garden crew to grow vegetables for our anthroposophic lifesharing community of 50 people? If you’re someone with a pioneer spirit, there is room here to make a real difference.

Plowshare Farm is an attempt to be responsive to the social, human, spiritual and ecological challenges of our times. At Plowshare, people with a wide range of capabilities – including people with special needs – live and work side by side to build an inclusive and sustainable community. As an Anthroposophically-based lifesharing community, we are innovators creating a model of social and ecological renewal.

Our gardens are an integral part of the Plowshare community, both for the meaningful work they provide for community members and for the bounty they produce to meet the community’s needs. The garden currently occupies less than ½ acre of land but impressively produces more than ¼ of the community’s needs, with potential to continue building on this. We aim to create as much hands-on work as possible for community members while preserving balanced rhythms.

We seek a knowledgeable and experienced gardener, who is open to biodynamic principles, to help sustain and carry forward our organic gardens (including outdoor vegetable beds, two high tunnels, berry patches, a small apple/pear/plum orchard, and pollinator flowerbeds).


Sam Blair

Phone Number:

(603) 547-2547